Back Exercises for the Upper & Lower Back That You Can Do at Home

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Not all back exercises for the upper and lower back need to be done at the gym. Learn about back exercises for the upper and lower back that you can do at home with help from a respected health and dance minister in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is SwayFitt with with two Ts. That's SwayFitt. And what I'm going to be doing today is demonstrating some back exercises that you can do at home. At home I like to use resistance bands because you can get these in various tensions making it real light or real heavy. The first exercise I'm going to do is a lat pull down which is going to work your upper back. I'm going to show you in a wide pronated grip. And I'm going to show you in a closed grip or a neutral grip. So that way you are working the outside of your back and then the inside of the back. What you want to do is put this your band inside of a door or a hook like I have demonstrated here. Come aways till you feel the tension. Alright again my hands are palms down or in a pronated grip. Heels up. And I'm going to squeeze, squeeze. Good working again my lats or latissimus dorsi that is the outside muscles of my back. Good. Once I finish my repetitions here which I say about 20 is good. I'm going to take a neutral grip. Bring my hands a little closer. That's palms together. And I'm going to keep my elbows under me or in a lower position, close to my body squeezing there. That's going to work the inside of the back or those trap muscles. Two, three, again I'm squeezing at the bottom motion. And while I'm doing this I'm also looking up to keep my body nice and erect. Now that we've finished our upper back exercises. I'm going to show you two exercises for the lower back. I'm going to start with the low row and then I'm going to do what we call superman or super girl since I'm a woman, hey. Alright. First exercise is a row. You have your resistance bands wrapped around, you can wrap it around a bed pole, stair post, anywhere you can get these bands nice and low. Sit up nice and straight. And I'm taking a neutral grip. Again a neutral grip is palms in. I'm keeping my elbows nice and close to me. I am going to row and reach. Row, reach. Good this is working my lower back and a little bit of my traps. And because I'm in this neutral grip here I'm also getting a little bit of biceps in there. Good. Once you got your repetitions in you can move into some back extensions or the super girls. You are going to lay belly down, hands fully extended as well as you legs. And what I am going to do I'm going to lift one leg. So I'm going to lift my right leg first and then my left arm. You want to do opposites here. Right leg, left arm. Then you want to do right arm, left leg. Alright it looks like this so. Look up, down. And I'm squeezing as I come up. Once I finish those repetitions I'm going to alternate sides. And that ladies and gentlemen are my back exercises that you can do at home.


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