Tricep Exercises That Make You Stronger for the Bench Press

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Certain trecep exercises are a great way to increase your overall strength for use during other techniques, like the bench press. Learn about tricep exercises that you can do to make you stronger for the bench press with help from a qualified personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Eric Quinn. I'm a Personal Trainer and we are here at Club Metro, Jersey City, New Jersey. Today, we're going to talk about tricep exercises to make you stronger for the bench press. So, if you want to strengthen your triceps to get a good pump on your bench press, then one thing you can do is push-ups. But, instead of doing regular push-ups where get your arms shoulder length or shoulder width, what we're going to do is bring the hands a little closer. Why? Because the closer you bring it, the more it emphasizes on your triceps. Okay. Some people call it a triangular push-ups or diamond push-ups, whatever, which means that you have your hands together like this and you go from this point. These are pretty hard push-ups; so, you know how to get, your arms are straight up, you don't lock your elbows, just make sure your elbows are a little relaxed, your butt is up, your body is straight, you're engaging your core as you do this and you go down and press up. As you go down, just make sure that your chest touches the floor. Down, you press up. It's a good pump that you get here. And the reason we in this also is because these are the same muscles that you use when you're doing bench press. So, we're going to focus on that. Good breathing, good form, good position, engaging every muscle that you're working; engaging your triceps, engaging your, your deltoids, your fore, your frontal deltoids and engaging your pec muscles also. Go down. You can do a set of 15 or 20 if you want; if you think you can do more, then you do a little more. Get it strong. So, in this exercise, what we're going to do is going to be tricep extension behind the neck. We're going to use a lightweight just to demonstrate, but just make sure you use a weight that is comfortable enough for you to do from 10 to 12 reps. Okay. We're going to bring it up here first. This is how we're holding it, okay. Up here, as you do this, just make sure your pelvis is engaged, your knees are relaxed and you bring your weight down and up, full flexion and full extension. If you're using too much weight, what's going to happen is that you're going to be just probably working 'till here, which means that you're just working halfway the muscle, instead of it doing full flexion and full extension. Okay. So, if you're working 40 pounds and you can't do this, then you need to go down on the weight a little bit. Remember, pelvis engaged, your core is engaged, your neck should be relaxed because you're not working your neck, you're working triceps. So, we're going to bring the elbows together and we're going to press up. Elbows together, we're pressing up; there's no need to jerk, no need to rush on the exercise because the faster you want to do it, the slower actually the muscle react in the different muscle tissue you use. So, you want to do it at a good pace here, not too fast, not too slow. Good. You press up, always breathing of course and relax. This has been Eric Quinn and that was tricep exercises that make you stronger for the bench press.


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