Exercises That Do Not Stress the Core

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Not all exercises are going to stress the core, especially if you do them properly. Find out about exercises that do not stress the core with help from a qualified personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Eric Quinn. We are here in Club Metro, Jersey City, New Jersey. Today, we're going to discuss exercises that don't stress the core. Usually people that do exercises that don't stress the core are people that have any part of the core injured. So if you have an injury in any part of your core then you need to do these kind of exercises. The reason I'm sitting is because this relaxes the core a little more than if you do exercises standing. So the first exercise we're going to do is very simple. We're just going to bring the knee up and down. This seems to be a very easy exercise and you know, for advanced people it is, but it also targets the upper part of the leg. Which is great when you walk and you do other things. So just bringing your knee up and down is a great exercise. And although it seems easy, again, it can get you a good workout. So just bringing the knee up and down like that doesn't effect the core area as much as if you were standing. If you're standing doing something like that you need to engage the core area a little more. So sitting down doing this exercise is a very simple exercise, works the upper part of your quad muscles and it also, you know, it doesn't really stress your core. So this is the way to do one simple exercise you can do for not stressing your core. Lets say it like that. Another exercise you can do, arm exercises. We're going to do some arm braces. So here, again, the way the exercise is, I'm sitting up right, right now. So I'm engaging my core muscles. So you can just lean back. As you lay back like this your core muscles as it is are going to be a little more relaxed. So from here can just bring it up and down. Just the fact that we're using a light weight is also great if it doesn't stress your core. If you were to use a little more weight it would make your core tighten a little and that can hurt the core muscles. So we're going to just keep it nice and simple. Just up shoulder level. No need to go any higher than that. And we're going to keep it up and down. Breathing, of course. Up and down. Just be mindful of your form and mindful of your abs. And all the core area as you do this. Since the idea is not to stress it you just want to do it relaxing that area. Breathe, you exhale, and that's another great exercise that you can do that doesn't stress your core. Another exercise that we can do is biceps. So instead of just doing arm braces we can do biceps from here. We can do hammer curl up and down like this. Very simple exercise. Again I'm sitting upright, therefore I'm engaging my core. Or you can just lean back and do it like this. The moment you start jerking, it's because you're doing too much weight and the jerk also kind of stresses the core area a little bit. So you just want to do one at a time. And you want to do both at the same time if you feel like it. The same way, just breath in. The breathing is very important because that relaxes a lot of the core area. So you're going to do like this, shoulders relaxed, just bringing it like a hammer. Or you can do it just turning your hands out like this and doing bicep curls. Excellent exercises for your biceps and your core is nice and relaxed. This has been Eric Quinn and those were exercises that do not stress the core.


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