Hairstyles for Fine Hair With an Oblong Face

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Certain hairstyles naturally lend themselves to people with fine hair and an oblong face. Learn about hairstyles that go great for fine hair with an oblong face with help from an internationally-renowned hairstylist and entrepreneur in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Allen Edwards, Allen Edwards Hair in Woodland Hills, California, also You know people, all have different face shapes. And everybody wonders, what's good for my face shape? Well, if you think about the different shapes. Now, Allison has kind of a longer face, does it make it bad or good, it's just what it is. She has a long face, but she also looks good with all kinds different types of styles of hair. She, what works with her long face, is getting more texture into her hair. What else works with a long face, is a bob, a bob that comes to around this length and this length. Why does that work well? Because when you're long, it fills up that area and gives you more width. Other things that really work with long faces, great, are bangs, or a fringe, as you say. The bang comes out here, takes away the long face and shortens it. So, the things to think about, if you have a long face, bangs are great, short hair is great, just so it has some texture to it and fullness. Or, flat, because if it's flat, that means it squishes your face in and that's what you want. You want a squish that long face in. When hair gets long, you have to be careful of it getting too long. Then what happens, you're all long face. So, the face just continues where the length of the hair is. So, face shapes are important. Now, if you have a round face, round faces are great to work, just like a long face. Bobs actually work great for round faces too, because they cut the fullness of the face. Think of that, you have a circle, you cut it right in half. A bang is the same way, your fringe cuts it, do it on an angle. What you want to stay away from, are round fringes or rounder haircuts or bowly type haircuts, or too big a hair. Round face, big hair, big face, it all works together. An oval face is sort of in between a round face and a long face. That's really kind of the best face. Because with an oval face, you could do any, almost every kind of style you can. So, take a look in the mirror, don't think, well, I just want long hair. But is the long hair going to enhance your face? If you';re getting a short haircut, is it going to bring our features and make your face look better, the shape better. Now, there's also the square face, the square jaw, that's a tougher one. If you cut short bangs on a square jaw, and cut bobs on square jaw. It'll make that bob, you jaw look even wider. So, you have to go past the jaw, more along the neckline. If you go short, you must have some pieces breaking that jawline around your face. If you wear a bang or fringe, make sure it's long enough too, it's not real square looking. Need to stay from square haircuts, you want softer, layered, fuller, sexier kind of hair with a square face. Even natural curl is really great with a square face. I'm Allen Edwards, keep looking good and we'll see again.


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