The Best Haircut for Long, Thick & Frizzy Hair

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Certain haircuts really go well on ladies with long, thick and frizzy hair. Find out about the best haircut for long, thick and frizzy hair with help from an internationally-renowned hairstylist and entrepreneur in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, well we're back. I'm Allen Edwards and this is Adriana. Adriana is one of my best hairdressers and an expert with long hair and also dealing with frizzy hair and how to make it shiny and beautiful. So what Adriana is going to do now, is she's going to show you how to trim the ends and then she's going to start blowing it dry. It's very important that before you deal with curly hair and frizzy hair that you shampoo it, condition it, towel dry it, get some of the moisture out of it and that's when you start blowing your hair dry. Now if you watch Adriana cut this it doesn't look like she's cutting a whole lot of hair because she's actually not. The biggest mistake that happens with curly hair is people over layer it and then it becomes too, it becomes too separate and you can see all the layers going through here so when she blows it dry, this will be really soft and create bounce and when you layer it too much it starts releasing the curl and the curl becomes curlier. Before you go to blow you hair dry it's very important that you use the right hair product. Now we all know there are a million brands out there, so I don't want to confuse you, I happen to have my own line called Allen Edwards Sheer Force and I make certain products. My idea was to come up with certain products for exactly the certain type of hair. Frizzy hair, Frizz Eliminating Cream and what this cream does it goes it it helps to take the moisture out of the hair faster so when you blow dry you eliminate the, the curly hair and the frizz breaks down quicker. Also Attitude is straightening creams so we put the two together and that gives you the right amount of product to break down the curl, make it soft and shiny and get exactly what you want. Don't try to blow your hair dry without any product in it because what's going to happen it's going to get away from you and become curly and frizzy. So you got a product that protects the hair, protects it from the heat of the blower and when she starts blowing the hair you're going to see a certain technique that we use, that makes it shiny right away. Okay, Adriana go ahead. As you could see Adriana did a great job on blowing this dry and the important thing that she did is got the friz out now we have a little friz in there and now the way we're going to get that out is she's going to take a little bit of the, of The Attitude Paste, put that in your hand and a tiny bit of the serum, combine the two together and then sort of work it through her hair and that's smooths out all the little baby hairs that we need to get and adds more shine to her ends. Now the color she did on there is really great, this is called and ombre and an ombre is where we do the color on the ends of the hair. Well, thank you for joining us I'm Allen Edwards and Adriana is my stylist who created this fabulous look. Remember you can get this at Allen Edwards here in Woodland Hills or Thank you so much.


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