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There are a few different ways in which you can successfully diffuse thinning hair depending on your preferences and what you have available to you. Diffuse thinning hair with help from an internationally-renowned hairstylist and entrepreneur in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Allen Edwards and we're at the Allen Edwards Hair in Woodland Hills and also on Today's subject is: getting a little older and how to deal with your hair. A big problem sometimes with getting older is your hair starts thinning out. And everybody wants to have fuller, thicker hair, even after they lose some of their hair. So that's something that we have to deal with. And it's important as your hair gets thinner we have to do the right haircut where the crowns are shorter and so it's covering some of the areas that seem to get thinned out. And now we're going to start cutting her. Now, different than working on some of the shorter haircuts you've seen me do that are a little more extreme. Her haircuts kind of extreme, kind of interesting. Very contemporary, but when I blow it out I add a little more body to it. And a lot of it is to diffuse some of the fining of the hair and to thicken those areas up. And so let me start trimming her a little bit and then we're going to blow it dry and you'll see how during the blow dry where I add the lift. But the important thing is we don't want to give her, as they say, an old hairstyle. We don't want to make her, because she's aged, and I have aged, we've all aged. We still want to be contemporary and that's the most important thing. Okay so we just finished trimming her and now we're going to blow her dry. And the important thing when you blow dry short hair is not to blow it out of the hair cut. What that means is not to take a really great short haircut and blow it into something completely different. But we have to deal with, as people get thinner, sometimes people get thinner in the back crown section of their hair and also as when we get thinner they get thinner around your hairline. So these are the areas that we keep in mind when I'm blowing it dry. And I add a little more body and volume to that to just diffuse the thinning areas. So lets start going again. Again at that, because she's gray there's some frizziness to gray hair so we're going to use Frizz Eliminating Cream which you can buy on among all my other products and it's fantastic for gray hair because it makes gray hair really controllable and shiny. So I work it through the hair with my hands giving it life and putting the texture into her hair with the products. Now what do we use to blow dry with. I'm going to use my fingers a little bit and I'm also going to use round brushes. Now I don't really like metal brushes. Metal brushes seem to be harsh on the hair. I like boar bristle brushes. Some brushes are boar bristle and nylon together. Those are good too. But these are all pure boar. This one is nylon and boar. The combination gives me a lot of body to the hair and control and grip when you're blowing it dry. Okay? So just watch me do it. There she is, you can see how great it looks and how full her hair is and how much body. And in her thinning areas, in the crown, you can see by blowing it dry, by using the round brush, lifting that hair up, putting the blower on the base of the hair fills up the area and gives her that lift that she needs. And the Frizz Eliminating Cream has taken away all that frizziness that you saw before when she first sat down. So it's very important for you when you blow dry your hair, and when you style it you use the right hair products, use the right brushes and then you'll get the results that the hairstylists give you when you're in the salon. So this is Mary Ann my favorite client and I'm Allen Edwards and see you next time.


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