How to Bench Press Without Hurting the Shoulders

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Just because you want to bench press doesn't mean that you're going to hurt your shoulders. Bench press without hurting the shoulders with help from a celebrity personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Robert Brace, Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Creator of The 28-Day Challenge - Total Body Transformation System, which you can get at, and I'm here for eHow. What we're going to look at in this section is how to perform the bench press without hurting your shoulders. Sometimes if you've had a shoulder injury, the bench press may put undue stress on your shoulders. What we're going to look at is once you've been cleared to start working out again, how to perform a bench press without damaging or hurting your shoulders. The first thing is look, get a great warm up, get on a treadmill, an elliptical, get the blood moving around your body. Okay. And then, once you approached the bench press, basics first. Make sure that you choose a weight that's light enough for your body to handle and evenly stack up the weights on the barbell. Use calipers so that if the weight slides it all, you're not dealing with any undue balance issues. Again, that can affect the shoulders. Equal weight both sides, make sure you stick on the calipers. The other thing that you'd want ideally is you'd want someone to spot you throughout your whole range of motion as you do, as you perform the bench press. Today, we don't have that and so, what we're going to do is I'm going to show you how to perform this exercise with perfect form so you don't damage your shoulders. You're going to lie back; you can leave your feet up or you can leave your feet on the floor. Okay. You grab the weight a little bit wider than shoulder width apart with a close grip. You keep your shoulder blades down, okay, and you don't allow your shoulders to ride up. Keep them down. You push the weight straight up, keeping the abdomen nice and tight. Again, don't raise your shoulders, keep them down. Now, what you're going to do is you're going to lower the weight to your mid-chest and you're only going to take your elbows so that they're align with your chest no further. So, the way it comes down to the mid-chest and you're going to stop here. You don't want to go any further down, that puts too much stress on your shoulder joint. You come up to here and then you press straight up. So, barbell down to the mid-chest, you push straight up. Don't take those elbows too far down; barbell down to the mid-chest and you push straight up. One last time. Barbell down mid-chest, push straight up. Other things to avoid are having your wrists in this position here so that they're bent back. You want to keep your wrist straight up so that your knuckles are pointing to the ceiling. You slowly take the weight back and down. That's the way to perform the bench press without hurting your shoulders. My name is Robert Brace, Creator of The 28-Day Challenge - Total Body Transformation System, which you can get at and I'm here for eHow.


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