Extreme, Strong Forearm Exercises

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Extreme, strong forearm exercises always need to be completed with a certain degree of caution. Do extreme, strong forearm exercises with help from a fitness expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dave Dreeas, here at Peak Performance in Phoenix, Arizona, and we're here to talk about three extreme forearm exercises. Here are two exercises that you can perform using a barbell. The first one is going to target your flexors where we're going to flex the wrists. As you can see you're going to have a nice grip on the barbell, about eight inches apart and all you're going to do is flex your wrists towards your forearms. The second movement that you can do is working the extensors which is going to extend the wrists away from your forearms. So have an eight inch grip and extend going away from your forearms. When performing this exercise, it's important to stabilize by placing your forearms on something solid such as your thighs or a bench. The third exercise that we're going to perform is using a wrist curl that you might find at your local gym. When performing this movement, you're going to place your forearms over a barbell. It's going to avoid activating your shoulders and it's going to stabilize your wrist and forearms. You're going to slowly extend and flex your wrists to bring the weight up towards your hands. As you get to the top, you will then slowly start to release it by extending and flexing, slowly lowering the weights towards the ground. Those are three extreme forearm exercises that you can perform at your local gym. I'm Dave Dreeas here at Peak Performance in Phoenix, Arizona. Thanks for watching.


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