How to Perform Safe Lower Back Exercises

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Performing lower back exercises is one thing - performing safe lower back exercises is something else entirely. Perform safe lower back exercises with help from a certified trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, everybody. I'm Jill Brown. I'm working out with you today at LA Dance Fit and I'm a certified trainer in Los Angeles. So how to perform safe lower back exercises. Well it really comes down to knowing what a hyper extension is and what a neutral spine is. So I'm going to get on all fours. A neutral spine is when you have that natural curve in your low back and excessive hyper extension is when you really exaggerate that back, overarching your back, that's what we don't want to do to perform safe lower back exercises. So let's begin with something called the cat cow. We're going to pull the belly button in, round the back up and then go right into a flat neutral spine, extending the tailbone back. So here is cat cow. From here we're going to go into an easy version of superman with one arm and one leg opposite alternating lifts, just like this. Notice how my neck stays in line with the rest of my spine. Be careful not to hyper extend and finally, the bird dog. Starting in table top position, neutral spine this is called quadriped. We're going to reach one arm out with the opposite leg, extending into a table top and then switch. Again, not hyper extending the spine but coming into a nice long flat line. To make this a little more challenging and work your balance, we'll bring that elbow to the knee and reach back out, try that a few times on each side and that's how to do safe lower back exercises. I'm Jill Brown from LA Dance Fit. Until next time.


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