How to Do Stomach Exercises Standing Up

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You don't have to lay down to do stomach exercises if you don't want to. Do stomach exercises when standing up with help from a certified trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, everybody, I'm Jill Brown. I'm coming to you from LA Dance Fit, and I'm a certified trainer in Los Angeles. Today, we're going to do some standing abdominal exercises and I'm going to start off with one using a band. So I'm going to just hook the band around a strong stable object. In this case I'm using a bar. I'm going to step between the band, take the handles out to the side of my shoulders like this and I'm just going to do some standing crunches, just like that. to add resistance, simply step forward, pull yourself away from the band more and the more the band is stretched, the more resistance you get. Alright, next, using absolutely nothing but our very own body weight I'm going to do some crisscross abdominal exercises by just bringing the elbow to the knee in a crisscross motion. I do this exercise all the time for warmup. It's great when it wakes up the core muscles and then we can do something that I like to call the prison yard. Hands behind the head, we're going to do a side crunch to work the obliques. We're going to bring the knee up to the side and crunch sideways. Make sure you're not just bringing your knee up but you're also doing a side half bend and then if you have something to work out with like a pole or a broomstick or I like to use a body bar, put it across the fleshy part of your shoulders, step wide and we can do the same thing, some side bends. So do a side bend and stand up straight in between and we'll do a few on the other side and make sure that you keep your abdominals tight and you don't rotate down, your chest should be front and center and finally we can do some spinal rotations so I'm going to turn to one side and then back to center is a great one. And then the other way. Make sure you start to the center, rotate to the side, come back to center and those are some good abdominal exercises you can do standing. From LA Dance Fit I'm Jill Brown.


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