Exercising the Upper Legs & Thighs With a Balance Ball

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A balance ball is a great tool to use to make your upper leg and thigh exercises that much more effective. Learn about exercising the upper legs and thighs with a balance ball with help from a certified trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, everybody, I'm Jill Brown. I'm a certified trainer in Los Angeles, and today I'm working out with you at LA Dance Fit. I'm going to show you some exercises you can do for the upper thigh and leg using a balance ball. So let's take a balance ball, put it up against a wall. We're going to position it just a little bit below the shoulders and above the butt, lean slightly into the ball, step forward. We're going to do squats. So keeping your back straight and against the wall we're going to squat down and use the power of your legs to drive yourself back up. Now we can progress this exercise and make it just a little more challenging by taking one leg behind us and doing a split stand squat also with the ball. Now for the next two exercises I'm going to take the ball and put it down on the floor. So come with me, alright so here we go. We're going to put our heels up on the ball with knees bent like this, lie back and we're going to do hip lifts. So pressing your heels down into your ball, lift up and down finding your balance, palms down and this works the bum and the backs of the thighs. Now we'll progress this one up a little more and do hamstring curls. So we're going to push the ball away and pull it under, push and pull and that works the backs of the thighs, your hamstring, great exercises for the backs of the upper thighs. And those are some of my favorite exercises to do for the upper thigh and leg using a balance ball. From LA Dance Fit until next time, I'm Jill Brown.


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