Cycling Exercises for the Glutes

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Cycling exercises are great for various parts of your body, like your glutes. Learn about cycling exercises for the glutes with help from a certified trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jill Brown. I'm a certified trainer in Los Angeles, and today we're working out at LA Dance Fit and we're going to be doing glute exercises for cyclists. If you are a cyclist, it's really important to maintain strong muscles up the back of your body because you spend much of your time bent forward so my assistant model, Jim, is going to do a few of the exercises with me using a ball which I recommend if you do have a ball. If not, you'll follow me and do them on the floor. The first exercise is going to be a lying down hip bridge. The second exercise is going to be a spine extensor exercise called the superman which Jim is going to be doing prone over the ball and then the last exercise is going to be a one leg squat or a single leg dead lift. So let's begin. This is the lying hip bridge, let's do five, four, squeezing the backs of the legs, three, making sure the knees don't collapse in but keep them in line with the hips, two, good job Jim, and one. Next is the superman which I'm going to be doing lying face down and Jim is going to be targeting his glutes by going over the ball with his hands on the floor and lifting and lowering his legs. They both work the posterior chain. Now let's do five, ready? Good job. And the last exercise I'm going to demonstrate is the single leg squat or the single leg dead lift, great for those gluteal muscles. You'll stand on one leg with your opposite hand you'll reach across towards that toe like this, spine nice and long, try to focus on one spot. It's great for balance too. How are you doing Jim? Pretty good. Okay one more, and those are great gluteal exercises for cyclists. From LA Dance Fit, until next time, I'm Jill Brown.


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