Barbell Exercises for Abs

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One great way to get better abs is through the careful implementation of the right barbell exercises. Learn about barbell exercises for abs with help from a certified trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, everybody. I'm Jill Brown. I'm a certified trainer in Los Angeles, and today I'm coming to you from LA Dance Fit. We're going to do some ab exercises you can do with a barbell. So I'm going to take my barbell, lie back and I'll begin with basic crunches, arms fully extended and I'm just going to roll halfway up, just until my shoulder blades come off the mat, exhale on the way up, inhale on the way down. Now I'm going to take this up to a full sit up. Keep your arms fully extended, feet down on the floor and drive it all the way up. Notice how my arms are staying vertical the whole time. So those are sit ups. Here's a hint to make it easier, you can walk your feet away, to make it harder, walk your feet in. Next we're going to do overhead row with dead bug. So the dead bug is having your knees in tabletop, we exhale and tap one foot down to the floor and inhale back up to tabletop. And then the overhead row is simply reaching back, using your chest and back muscles, pull the bar back over, directly over your chest. So let's put that together, dead bug with overhead row, exhale down, inhale up. Inhale up and exhale down, to make this a little bit harder you can have both legs come down at the same time while your arms do the same overhead row like this. You have to really make sure that you are bracing through your abs, exhale down, inhale up and keep it really engaged here so that you don't hurt your low back. Let's do one more, excellent, hope you like those and from LA Dance Fit, I'm Jill Brown and those are barbell exercises for your abs.


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