How to Tell if Lipstick Is Blue-Based

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You can easily tell if your lipstick is blue-based by keeping an eye out for a few key traits. Learn how to tell if your lipstick is blue-based with help from a makeup and beauty industry veteran in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tracy Brown, I'm a beauty expert. I have about 30 years of experience in skin care and makeup and as a cosmetics trainer and I have a great blog where you can view all my experience, my tips and advice Today, we're at the beautiful My'Amour Salon & Spa in San Leandro. And our topic today is how to tell if a lipstick is blue based? Typically that question comes up in reference to red lipsticks. So I'm going to show you an couple of examples of red lipsticks from the same brands, one is blue based one is not, now blue base is another way of saying cool so the opposite of cool, of course is warm. So we've got two red lipsticks here from Tarte from The Glamazon Collection, I'm going to swipe them one my hand and it's going to be pretty obvious which one is cool or blue based and which one is warm, so first I'm putting on Fierce and next to it is Wild. Now when you look at the two, the blue based lipstick is Wild, the one on my left. Why? Clearly when you look at Fierce, it's more yellow, it's warmer, so not the blue based or blue toned lipstick. So we have two more reds a warm and a cool or blue based and one that's not, from Nix, N.I.X. I'm going to swipe those again my hand to show you the difference. One is a little bit deeper so it's kind of hard to tell initially, if it's worm or cool, if you're a novice with this, this one is Alabama, the other one is Perfect Red, on the left, once again and when you compare them even though it's deep in tone obviously the Alabama, the one on the right is warmer. Perfect Red smacks a blue tones. One of the reasons people like a blue based lipstick is because it's makes your teeth look whiter, especially with reds as opposed to a yellow or warmer based red lipstick. So remember when you can't eyeball it and tell which one is warm or cool or blue based, go ahead and swipe it on your hands, watch it there and it'll be clear which one has the blue undertone, which has the warm undertone. My name is Tracy if you other questions about makeup or skin care you can find me on Twitter, my handle there is blingingbeauty.


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