Substitutes for Pull-Ups

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There are many different substitutes for pull-ups that you can employ depending on your needs. Find out about substitutes for pull-ups with help from a fitness minister and certified peak performance coach in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey there. My name is Jay Jones, Celebrity Peak Performance Coach and Fitness Minister. And today, I'm going to show you some substitute exercises for the pull-up. Now, pull-ups are very very tough exercises, especially if we haven't really develop our back muscles properly. So, I'm going to show you some exercises that utilize the same muscle groups as we when we do the pull-up, but that won't require as much strength and energy initially. Alright. So, the first one, I'm using a 25-pound dumbbell and this is a bent over row. As you notice, I'm bent all the way over, back is flat, I've got a long split position, so I'm forcing my core to work as well as my back. And you'll utilize the same muscle system when you do your pull-up. So, we're going to exhale, as we go down, "Phhhh", we'll exhale coming up and inhale going down. Then, we're going to switch, do the same thing on the opposite side. Nice and long and lean and pull and row. Stretching and working that latissimus dorsi. You'll feel the weight want to pull you over, but that's what a core work comes in and you have to tighten and tone. My name is Jay Jones, Celebrity Peak Performance Coach and Fitness Minister and that is one great substitute exercise for the pull-up.


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