Shoulder, Chest & Tricep Exercises

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Shoulder, chest and tricep exercises always require you to keep a few important things in mind. Use shoulder, chest and tricep exercises with help from an experienced fitness professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Leroy with Relentless Performance. Today, we're going to do shoulders, chest, triceps, hope you are ready. We're going to start with a very simple shoulder exercise, lateral shoulder raise. Pick a good comfortable weight, feet together, shoulders back and down, chest high. Keep your arms slightly bent and just imagine keeping your thumbs up and raise them to shoulder level. A great chest exercise dumbbell bench press, a number of variations but we're going to do this the most common way to do it, flat on the bench, chin tucked, arms right at your armpit, palms facing forward, your elbows are going to go out, down just to the point where they are parallel to the floor and even with the bench and up. Make sure you push and bring the weight together to touch, squeezing the chest to the top and that's the basis to the dumbbell chest press. Tricep exercise, this is the end all, end of the workout, this is how you finish it off or do dumbbell kick backs. We're going to go one foot forward, the hand you carry the weight in is going to be the foot that you move back, slight bend, you'll bring the weight up, elbow close to your body, above the line of your back, you're going it back from there. All the way out, squeeze and release, squeeze and release, squeeze and release. Do that with both arms, 15 to 20 times, three sets you'll be glad you did. This is Leroy, Relentless Performance, shoulders, chest, triceps, done, call it a rap.


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