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Removing green eye from pictures is a lot easier than you probably think. Remove green eye with help from an art director in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michael Mondragon from Nerdy Connections. Today, we're going to learn how to remove green eye. Now, a lot of people have, know how to remove red eye, but we're actually going to take green eye which is actually a photo when you take a photo of your cat or dog, it actually comes up green in the eye. So, we're going to learn how to do that today and how to remove that. So, green eye is prevalent when you're shooting cats or dogs or animals and it actually is very similar to removing red eye. Now, I'm going to actually show you a technique; I'm not a big fan of the red eye tool because it's not really that precise and actually it can bleed over and actually turn your eyes into another color too. So, we're actually going to show you a little bit more control when it comes doing this and I'm a big fan of channels, but I'm also a big fan of paths in Photoshop. And paths are right here; so, I'm going to create a new path. We've already created one for the eyes which is around here. But, to create a path around the eye, you actually would like to focus on just the eye part, the round part of the eyes. So, it would actually be going around like so. And you would actually be precise in the area that you're trying to select. I've pre-done this and as you see, it's all around the eyes. Now, the advantage of paths is that you can actually command click on there. Now, you have a selection of the eyes. You can actually go to your layers and now we're going to make an adjustment layer. So, we're going to click on the adjustment layer here. We're going to go down to hue saturation and this makes an extra layer on top. And what this is is a non-destructive layer. So, we're going to come here, we're going to click colorize and that's going to take the green and actually make the color; you can actually make blue eyes or really any color that you want to, you can actually make them really glaring or take them back or take all the saturation out which would actually make black and white. But, we actually want the color; so, we're, let's make it a nice blue here. But, you want to get as close to the color of the eyes of the original. So, let's take it back; we're going to make it green, but we can actually up, up the color here. Now, let's just try to make this like a nice blue, but we can actually toggle on the intensity and we can actually take down the lightness or darkness of it. But, that kind of washes it out. So, we want to keep that middle part black, but kind of make it realistic where it doesn't look like it's completely Photoshopped. So, but this is the way that you can control it and if you wanted to you could actually click off the layer and there's your original layer. And this gives you a lot better control over taking out green eye and red eye for that matter pictures of human. So, it's a much easier and a quick way to colorize without being destructive, but having that control. So, that's how you remove green eye. It's very similar to how you remove red eye. So, you can take picture of your pets and not have to worry about that glare back. I'm Michael Mondragon from Nerdy Connections and you can look me up at We'll see you next time.


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