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One of the many things that Jessica Alba is known for is her really gorgeous hairstyle. Pull off a Jessica Alba-inspired hairstyle with help from a professional hair stylist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Claire Coleman; I'm a Hairstylist and I'm going to show you how to do a Jessica Alba inspired hairstyle. Jessica Alba has a beautiful face. She loves to wear her hair up and away from her face to really show off her bone structure. So, we're going to do a style that kind of demonstrates that. First thing we're going to do is we're going to section off this top part. We're going to do an ear over the top of the head to ear parting. And we're just going to put this section into a somewhat high ponytail, not too high, not too low. After we do that, we're just going to roll this into a bun. So, roll all the hair, just twist it and do a nice bun here. And just make sure you get your ends tucked in and then secure that with some pins, just to make sure it feels nice and tight, not too loose so that it will come off and you really don't want to have to worry about it. That should be good. Now, we're going to, we're not going to do any part; so, we're going to start by just doing some curls and we're going to take vertical sections from the front, from your forehead towards the back of your head. And we're just going to curl that way, just section by section and it's going to be a rope curl. So, we're just going to take the hair and wrap it around the barrel of the iron. It's going to be nice and kind of ethereal and just nothing too perfect and too too done. So, just do a few pieces and then let them kind of sit like that. It's going to give you a little bit extra height too for your look. And then a few pieces on the other side. Again, just taking vertical sections from the from to, towards the back of the head. You're doing sections that are about an inch or so thick. And I'm pulling the hair up and I'm not really doing it close to the root 'cause we want to keep some of the volume in the hair as we're doing this. And we're just going to spray a little bit. I like to use a light spray, it's easily to, it makes it easy to brush your hair out and doesn't keep it too sticky. So, we're going to keep it nice and loose and we're just going to use our fingers and just kind of place the hair around, keeping it nice and little tousled looking. And then, I'm just going to kind of wrap these little pieces around the bun, stick it in where needed, stick pins in there. All set. And even when the hair is pulled back, you can kind of work in some twists here; I know that she likes to do little twists and braids here and there, so you can just work those in and then secure that with a pin. You can see our look from the back, side and the front. My name is Claire Coleman; I'm a Hairstylist and I just showed you a Jessica Alba inspired hairstyle.


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