How to Put Up Long Hair to Look Like a Bob

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Putting up your long hair to look like a bob requires only the careful application of the right technique. Put up long hair to look like a bob with help from an experienced hair stylist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi everyone, I'm hairstylist Amanda Shackleton from, and today I'm here to show you how to put up long hair so that it looks like a bob. Sometimes it's fun if we just want to change up our hair a little bit and sometimes maybe if you are going to a 1920s inspired party or you know you just want a change of style, this is a really easy way to get your hair to look like you have a bob without actually having to cut it. So I'm just going to take the hair in a nice maybe five inch section and I'm going to take these little rollers. They're kind of like foamy filler rollers and all I'm going to do is roll the hair onto the roller and then come in with a big pin, clip the hair and then take this front section and go ahead and wrap it around the front of the foam so that we don't see it, secure it with a smaller pin and then you'll go ahead and do the other side as well. So that's your basis for getting your hair to look like you have a bob. Now you can use two of these, three of these, four of these around the hair, it just depends. The advantage to these is that they do move a lot so if you need it to move with the direction of the head, it's easy to do that. You can just kind of have it and it will curve around with the natural curve of the head. So that's how I would suggest taking your long hair and putting it into a bob hairstyle. I'm Amanda Shackleton and I'm a hairstylist.


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