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Getting a Facebook group on home navigation only requires that you make a few quick adjustments to the way you do things. Get a Facebook group on home navigation with help from an Internet and social media expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Heddi. I'm the Big Cheese Founder of San Francisco based travel gift card, Today we're going to talk about how to get a Facebook group on your home navigation. I need to tell you there's no such thing, you can't, because firstly it's already on your home and secondly, you also can't create a dedicated URL when you sign up to Facebook or you sign into Facebook but you know when you go into your browser you're going to Chrome, you use your own mail, you use Safari, Firefox. You can make your homepage like is going to be my homepage, obviously because it's my company. So every time that I open that browser on Chrome or whatever it's always popping up, you can do that on Facebook, you can't customize but I'm going to show you how easy it is to view it on your homepage anyway, come this way. Okay, so we're on the homepage now. Well actually the homepage and the landing page is the same word. It's not a big deal. We're looking at a beautiful picture of my dog falling asleep. Well actually Spark at sleep, look at her nose. I do It doesn't work, I can't get it to be my landing page. It's not going to be my default. There is a group down there. You've got all these different groups listed on the left hand side. You can't make any of those a dedicated page that you customized it. If I go to my group, I'm just going to lead you around them. It goes to a guy that I can't pronounce his name, I don't know, I have no relationship, that's his personal URL like mine is That's what his is for whatever reason he's chosen that. So you are flicking through this. You've got to remember as you are scrolling around, whatever page you are on and I'm just playing around, the left hand side always has your group information. You can just go nuts with all the pages. It will always be on your left hand side. I've gone to friends, I've gone to apps, I've gone to page, that left hand bar always stays the same but you definitely can't make that into a dedicated URL. So remember when you are setting up on your Facebook account, you can't do a personal URL, you can't do it. If anyone wants to see me, it would be That's how you will find me or you will type me in. I'm the only Heddi Cundle on the whole planet. You will find me but if I want to go in to Facebook and I always want to look up my profile as opposed to the feeds, I can't do it. It's the same thing for groups. So the best part is groups and your activities on the left hand side, it never moves. So when I was fiddling around I was going really fast and really slow and I was busy with the mouse and things were hectic for about 40 seconds, you notice on the left hand side the groups that I have, it never changed. That's the simplicity of Facebook and that's why they kept it there so you can have ease and comfort of looking at your own leisure, always available irrelevant of what other things you are doing on Facebook. My name is Heddi. I'm the Big Cheese Founder of travel gift card, coming to you from San Francisco with a bit of a chopped haircut, have a brilliant one.


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