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Copying an image to put on Facebook comes with a very important catch that you're going to want to know about. Copy an image to put on Facebook with help from an Internet and social media expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Heddi, I am The Big Cheese Founder of travel gift card coming to you from San Francisco. Today, we're going to talk about how to copy an image to Facebook. There's a catch in this, you can't copy an image to Facebook, you can upload an image or you can do it by a URL, it's a trick question and it's a trick answer. So let's get going and I'll show you how it works very simply. So I'm going to show you a couple of very, very simple ways to be able to copy an image to be able to put on Facebook and I'm going to go over to my dog's blog page because she's so beautiful, alright look at that little face, she was sleeping. So I right hand clicked, you're going to see a right click, first I've actually grabbed the actual main blog and I control C, control V. Anything but an Apple, if you're on a Apple then you'd do the Apple sign control V and C. And obviously you can see a penguin down there that was freezing cold, that was funny. And now you can see my dog, so your coping over by the URL and now you're going to post it out. Now there were thirteen images down there so maybe it might be in the fifth or the twenty, it just happened that it was the second image. Right click, go back over to Muppet again, copy link address, no you want to copy the image URL. This is not going to look pretty, it's a scrambled mess, but look again, you've now got Muppet's image, just delete that and write a, I don't know some kind of caption, My dog rocks. So you've now got the image, you can't remove that part that's underneath it with all the posting, but it's not a big deal because you've still got the image anyway. The third one that you can do is coping an image, but it's a bit of a trick because you can't directly copy an image like you normally would do from a file to a file, you have to upload. This is the way the cookie crumbles when it comes to Facebook so now we found the image of Muppet, look at that face, it is magnificent. My dog rocks even more than what is it? Two seconds ago or twenty seconds ago. So now I've posted it out again. Three different versions to our friends, family, I can choose which ever one I want. So you've seen now three different ways of being able to copy an image to put on Facebook.Very, very easy to do, choose the one that works for you. So remember three ways to do it, you copy the main URL from the website www. grab that drag it in, sometimes it doesn't grab the right image so sometimes it works to have restrictions on it and there's a fly, which I just caught. The second thing is, oh I can't believe that I just did that. The second thing is you can copy, right click on your mouse and you can grab the image and copy it over and you'll see the image was on the left hand side, but all that scrambled URL you can't get rid of that without getting rid of the image. So just remove it from the status update main part, type in what you want, but when you post out it'll have the image and that scrambled mess, I didn't catch the fly, it's still there. And the third way is uploading, just uploading it, you save it, load it and it's very simple, but remember there's no such thing about being able to copy and paste, it's not like you're doing from Word document to a PowerPoint, that doesn't work. My name is Heddi, I'm a fly catcher today and The Big Cheese Founder of travel gift card.Coming to you from San Fransisco. Have a brilliant one.


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