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There are few better opportunities to post funny pictures on Facebook than New Year's. Get funny New Year's ideas to post on Facebook with help from an Internet and social media expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Heddi, I'm The Big Cheese Founder of San Francisco based brilliant travel gift card with a new hair cut.Today we're going to talk about how to do something really quirky in posting very amusing status updates or doing fun things on Facebook. I'm going to show you three different versions of it, if you've got the type of stupid brain that I've got you're going to knock it it out within two seconds. If you need to think about too long, it's not funny people are more like an instant reaction of humor and they get it, when you do it immediately. So you can steal mine if you want to or you can use you're own brain and give it a go, but don't spend two days trying to think of something funny to post on Facebook, it doesn't work. Everybody will see through it any you'll be transparent. So let's get going and I'll give you some ideas how to make New Year's status updates and promote these on Facebook in two seconds. Okay, so we're now on Facebook and I can play around with what's going on, you can do a status update. Hey, everyone this year, if I can type properly, I'll be hosting a party and everyone must be only speaking with an Irish accent it is absolutely ridiculous, maybe that's a party you want to do, is Irish only, four leaf clover party. So every time you want to have a sip of champagne you must say, oil, as in I for Irish. It is the most stupid status update, you can make it for friends, you can do only for yourself or make it public. So you're going to be doing a party, a New Year's Eve party, you can only speak with an Irish accent, that's it, it's just stupid status update. One example, the second one is uploading a photo, you can upload a photo and you can do a caption with that obviously, if I can find the actual photo. Where has the photo gone? Oh, it's here. So you want, I've decided to do, I'm going to go back down memory lane, so this year we're not doing moving into 2013 or the year that you see it, we've decided to do April Fool's and we're going to have a 19, oh sorry, a 2009 party. Everybody has to go 4 years back, that is the whole prerequisite, you have to wear what you were wearing 4 years ago. You have to find photos of it, you've got to update it. We are not going to have 2013 moving in, we're only going to do 2009, that's it, it was a good year, I'm sticking with it, it's like a vintage. So there again stupid ideas that you can do, there's like really, really nonsensical things that you can mess around with, You can then create an event, again random ridiculous stupid, that you haven't got a brain cell, you're going to do something silly for an event, you're going to have a holiday New Year's party and you want every single person to be vacating that party at 11:59 PM. Not one person is allowed to be in your home when it hits midnight. It starts at 8:05 PM because, hey sometimes you just don't want to start at 8 o'clock and now you're going to be finishing at 11:59 PM. You can invite your friends, you can make it public, you can make it private or want ever you want to do and that obviously will see that you're having a holiday New Year's Eve party. It has a start date, but once people are invited they'll be able to see the end date. Three examples of absolute random stupid New Year's for you. So everybody always says, New Year's coming in you've got different time zones and I think it's New Zealand or the island before New Zealand that kicks off and then you know that Hawaii is the finial, finial, finial island and some where in the middle you've got all my English friends and my friends in New York and then we kick it off in California. And people are saying, Oh happy, happy New Year. Happy New Year is boring. Do something really quirky, have a party and back date it, back date it to 1963, where ever people were in that year. Have a party that finishes before midnight, literally one minute before midnight. Do a random status update. You know what everybody on New Year's Eve day, if that makes sense has to speak with a certain kind of accent, it doesn't make any difference. It's just silly, it's fun, it's stupid, but just don't do the happy New Year, have a great 2013, it's like, ugh lame! My name is Heddi, I'm The Big Cheese Founder of travel gift card travel gift card. Coming to you from beautiful San Francisco.


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