How to Cook Sirloin Roast

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There are few things that taste better than a nice sirloin roast that has been prepared just right. Cook sirloin roast with help from an experienced and professional chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Chef Plum from back with you to talk to you a little bit about something called a top sirloin roast. Guess what? Maybe the kids are getting home from school, maybe you got home late from work, maybe you are home by yourself, who knows? Either way, this is a great quick and easy meal to put together. So when you are cutting mushrooms you definitely want to make sure you take the stem off like this. If you don't take the stem off, the mushroom is going to be very wobbly. You want to try cutting that? It's like playing roulette with your fingers, whoa, whoa, don't want to do that. So take the stem off so it sits flat on your cutting board and then just cut it into thicker pieces. Here is some onion as well. I'm going to take this onion. I'm going to cut it flat so it sits flat and then we'll chop it up into some pieces, just put it with our onion, with our mushrooms. Now we have that stuff ready, rosemary, so I'm just going to pull these off, just like here, just the green part because again the stem is very woody and we don't want to eat the woody stem. I'm going to run my knife through it just a couple of times. It doesn't have to be fine or anything like that because it's going to be just in the pan with it. Now, here's our sirloin. This is a top sirloin roast. We're going to take a little bit of salt, season your food folks, season your food, salt is your friend. Alright, we're going to put this all into our dish here and everything here into our dish and we're going to go over to our saute pan, brown off the meat, put it in the oven to finish it off, follow me. So, here is our roast. It's thin as you can see so it's really simple to cook. This is going to be a quick and easy dinner I promise you. We're going to seer it off in the pan. You're going to hear a loud tsss, that's good. That's what you want. A great point to point out right now as you can see, I went to flip this and it's sticking to the pan. It means we're not quite ready yet. There we are. If you look inside the meat, you'll see that little line there. That's connective tissue, that can be very tough if not cut properly. We'll just dump all of our ingredients in there. So we're just about there. I'm going to take the meat out of the pan, plop it right in the middle there. We've got all our nice mushroom and onion and herb garlic mixture here, dump it right on top. Got to get every last one there, don't be cheap. We'll pop it in the oven and we'll check on it in a few minutes. So I pulled our sirloin roast out of the oven and I'll make a quick little pan sauce to go with this, all of our mushrooms and peppers over here. I'm just going to push them to the side or you can even take them out. We don't have to get them all and then come on over here to the saute station. All we're going to do is we've got a nice little small pot here, we're going to take this. We're going to pour it right into the pan. So we let this get nice and warm. As you can see it's starting to boil. It means we're just going to add a little butter here to our sauce and we'll spoon a little bit of this on top of it. It makes a great little pan sauce to go with your steak. When you have a piece of sirloin roast like this, you want to slice it thin on the bias, kind of diagonal like that. That makes it be a little bit more tender and we'll pop it on a plate, half of our mushrooms and onions right on top there and a little ladle of our pan sauce, a simple weeknight dinner. That's it everyone. I'm Chef Plum from, and that is how you oven roast a sirloin.


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