How Often Should You Work Out Your Biceps?

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The frequency at which you work out your biceps will play a very large role in the quality of your results. Find out how often you should work out your biceps with help from a certified personal trainer and wellness coach in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Danny J. I am at Camp Hero Fitness, and we're going to talk about how often you should work out your biceps. One question I get asked often as a fitness expert is how often I should lift weights and how often should I work specific body parts, especially biceps. Your biceps are a small muscle group so they don't need a lot of intense work. You actually do a lot with them already. You are lifting things all day, groceries, children all kinds of things. So when you are doing actual exercises for your biceps, curls, you really don't need to do more than two days a week. I suggest also giving yourself at least one to two days in between bicep workouts so that you get a full rest and recovery. Another way you can make sure that you don't overwork it is doing different angles in your lifts so learning how to do hammer curls, using machines, dumbbells and barbells that will help mix it up and that way you are not overtaxing those muscles. If you want to find a good workout schedule, you can make a split and maybe do Mondays biceps and Thursdays biceps so you have two days in between. Mondays you can do everything with barbells. You can do preacher curls on the machine, barbell curls and then Thursdays you can do more alternating hammer curls and just working different angles. That way you are not overtaxing your muscles and you're able to get a full range of motion and a full rest so you don't do too much. Again, this is Danny J. We're at Camp Hero Fitness. We just talked about how often you should work out your biceps.


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