Waist Exercises at Home for Senior Men

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Certain waist exercises are great for senior men to do right in their very own homes. Learn about waist exercises at home for senior men with help from a fitness minister and certified peak performance coach in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey there, my name is Jay Jones, Celebrity Peak Performance Coach and Fitness Minister. And today, I'm going to show you three exercises for the waist for senior men. Now, the core is very important, everything emanates from the core and the core is made up obviously of more than just your abdominals. Your obliques and your lower back comprise your entire mid-section girdle area. So, the waist is a very complex area, so we have to hit it from multiple angles. So, the three exercises that I choose for you today are phenomenal at hitting multiple angles. The first exercise we want to do is called an air bike. The air bike is an amazing exercise because it allows you to not only work your core, but you work your hip, abductors and your legs at the same time. So, we want to put our fingers behind our ears, not behind our head, we're not locking them, they're behind our ears; the legs are six inches off the ground and then we go to the opposite elbow with the opposite knee. And we breath and we feel all the tension working right in the core. Whew! Whew! The air bike, phenomenal. Next exercise called the Romanian twist; the Romanian twist will incorporate the medicine ball. All we do, there are two variations, you can keep the heels from the ground and like a lighthouse, you want to get your shoulders around; imagine there's a light in the middle of your chest and you want to illuminate both sides as you twist. To add a level of difficulty, lift the heels off the ground and then twist while still controlling the legs. That is your sets and side bend. And the third and final exercise is the plank. Very simple; you're down on your elbow forearms and toes, no peaks, no valley, just nice and level and you hold this position for as long as you can. Alright. Now, my name is Jay Jones, Celebrity Peak Performance Coach and Fitness Minister and those are three exercises that senior men can do for their waistline.


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