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Lady Sovereign's signature hairstyle is the cornrow style with a ponytail. Do Lady Sovereign's hair with help from a freelance hair and makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michelle Simone, and I'm a Hairstylist, and today I'm going to show you how to do your hair like Lady Sovereign. One of Lady Sovereign's signature hairstyles is the cornrows that are on the right side of her head and the side ponytail. So, we're going to make this a little bit easier so that you don't have to do a ton of cornrows on the side of your hair, but still achieve the same fun look. So, first thing I'm going to do is section off her hair with a side part like this on a diagonal and this is going to give us room to do the braids on the right side. And then, just take that to keep it out of your way and tie it with a rubber band, then we'll come back to it. So, with the side, the right side of your hair, or the left, whichever your part goes on more naturally, I'm going to section it off into three sections so that we can make three braids. Then doing just with my fingers, kind of a rough part; starting with the top one and then we'll make a braid here and braid underneath. So, in order to make this braid, we're doing like a French braid, but we're doing it inside out, so it's a Dutch braid. Start by taking the top into three sections and braiding them underneath the center piece. This is the same thing as a French braid, except you're going to go underneath the center instead of over. So, you go under the center, grab a piece to add to the right, attach to the left and then go under, grab a piece from that section and go under. And you're going to continue this braid towards of her head, of your head and then down to the side; then, the rest of the braid will be added into the ponytail. So, continue to add a piece; so, I'm just going to tie that off with a hair band and then I'm going to do exactly the same thing two more times on the sections underneath this braid. Okay. So, I'm just securing that last braid and now you have your three Dutch braids on the side. You're going to take your hair from the opposite side and we're just making a nice high kicky side side ponytail to create her signature look. So, just pull all the hair all the way over; I'm doing it like right above her ear and just smooth it out with your hands, maybe take a comb so you can get that top piece nice and flat. And once you do, you just secure it with a rubber band and then you're all set. So, I'm Michelle Simone, and I just showed you how to do your hair like Lady Sovereign.


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