How to Paint Glass Ball Ornaments

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When painting glass ball ornaments, you always want to keep a few important techniques in mind to help you arrive at the best possible end result. Paint glass ball ornaments with help from an elementary art teacher in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Dana Church, and I'm going to show you today how to paint glass ball ornaments. First of all what you have to do is go out and get your glass balls. And, you know, they are pretty readily available. It was a little bit harder this year for me to find one where I was was going but I'm sure you can find them around. They are just clear, glass balls like this. And they are getting pretty popular. I found a few other ones that were already premade and I was going to just tell you a little bit how you could do that as well. But if you want to just start from scratch with one, just go ahead and buy it and then what you're going to do. There's two other things that you can do first. Let me show you what you might need besides the glass ball. You can use regular acrylic paint. That's fine. But there are glass paints out now. They're especially for glass, They're enamel. So you can get these at the same place that you get the glass balls. If you want to make sure that maybe holds on longer and sticks longer, you'll want to use this kind of paint. So I have three colors here, green, gold and red for Christmas. So you get that and you got your brush and then what you want to do just to begin with to make sure that the paint sticks better, you want to take some alcohol and probably use a cotton swab or whatever. A paper towel is fine. Cotton swab might be better. I've already done this but you go around the ball and you just clean it. Basically you're just trying to remove any debris or something that would make the paint not stick to the surface. So you do that. Let that dry a little bit. Now, I mean, basically all you do at this point is you paint just like you would paint anything else. Sometimes I will just take my paints and I'll put them on a piece of tin foil and get my water ready. It's up to you how you want to do. I did find a few little tiny stencils and I actually laid this stencil on here and taped it down and painted around it because people who maybe don't feel so secure about their painting or drawing, you could go ahead and get it on there ahead of time. And then maybe you could just find little pictures that you want to use to help you or maybe that you have an example that somebody else has already done that you've seen. So all you do basically is, you do it just like you would do acrylic paint. You have to be a little particular with this because you know it is a slick surface. So I've already done this and I'm just going to go on top of this a little bit. It might actually be a good idea to go put a second coat on. And you're just trying to get it as smooth as you can. You're not doing anything differently, more different really than you would do if you were painting paper. So you go ahead and to that. And what you can do too is write things on it that are personalized. That's what makes it so neat. I think that's why people do the glass balls a lot. And then, of course, the cool thing too; I didn't get in to this but just as an additive, you can even put fun stuff in there too. A lot of people are really in to that. So that's really it. That's how you paint it. That's how you prepare it and get it ready to paint. And that's how to paint a glass ball ornament.


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