The Muscles for Straight Arm Pulldowns

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Straight arm pulldowns are a really terrific way to work out a few key important muscles in your body. Learn about the muscles that you need for straight arm pulldowns with help from a longtime personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

This is Stephany with Elevate Fitness, and today we're going to talk about the muscles that are being worked when doing a straight arm lat pulldown. So the primary muscle that's being worked out whenever you are doing a straight arm pulldown is going to be your lat muscle or also known as the lattisimus dorsi. The assisting muscle that's associated with it is going to be your chest muscle, your pectoralis major and that muscle assists more when you are pulling down towards your legs. So whenever you are doing a lat pulldown you keep your arms at shoulder length, you don't go past that and you pull down as far as you can. Now the other two assisting muscles that are associated with this workout is going to be your rear delt. That is the muscle that's in the back of the shoulder and it helps with pulling your arms towards your legs as well and finally the last muscle that's being used in this workout is your rhomboids. That is the muscle that helps you squeeze your shoulder blades together when you bring the barbell towards your legs. So remember when you come down, you are sticking your chest out and you are squeezing your two shoulder blades together. And that is how you do a lat pulldown or straight arm lat pulldown and those are the muscles that are being worked. This is Stephany with Elevate Fitness and we just talked about muscles that are being used while doing a straight arm lat pulldown, get lifted.


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