Christmas Recipe for Drop Cookies

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When making drop cookies for Christmas, you always want to make sure that you're following the appropriate recipe for the best possible results. Get a Christmas recipe for drop cookies with help from a professional and passionate chef in this free video clip.

Part of the Video Series: Playing With Food: Christmas
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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Chef Amee Hoge, and I'm here to teach you how to play with food. Where I take a classic recipe, change it up a little bit, and create a whole new dish. Today we're playing with shortbread and instead of doing the classic shortbread with some vanilla flavoring, we're doing a maraschino chopped cherry and a semisweet chocolate chip. So I'm going to go ahead and start with our softened butter. One stick of softened butter. We're going to add a third of a cup of some powdered sugar. Get that mixed up a little bit. To me this is one of those cookies that are great because sometimes you don't have eggs on hand. Sometimes you don't have baking soda, you run out of that and darn it you don't have it. You don't need any of that stuff. This is a quick just a few ingredients. OK. And you don't need to really a mixer for this, especially if you have your butter nice and softened. So I'm going to mix this in. Then I'm going to go ahead and add the flour, which is like a cup and just a little over a cup. Maybe a cup and an eighth. OK. Going to pour that in there. And I'm just going to gently mix that and then I'm going to use one of my favorite tools I like to use especially with shortbread or pie crust. This is called a dough cutter. OK. Got to get all that stuff off there. And what I'm going to do is it just has like five or six different sort of like harmless blades but it just mixes up really nice. Like using six forks all at the same time it seems like. And then I'm just going to pull it in to the middle of the bowl and then just kind of chop it up. Like I said you can turn this into a pie crust. Again it's called a shortbread pie crust or you can make the cookies like we're going to do today and I'm going to show you a quick trick because rolling this out sometimes is a pain in the butt so what I'm going to do is I'm going to go ahead and scoop them out with my scooper with my dough scooper and then I'm going to go ahead and put them on there and flatten them down with a glass with a little flour on it. All right. So I'll go ahead and scrape that off. Now the last two ingredients. You don't want to use the dough cutter with the chocolate chips you're going to add those in and then I'm going to chop up most of mine are chopped but I'm just going to go ahead and cut them up in half. Cut quarters and then quarters again. OK. So you want small pieces. What's fun about these is it'll actually add a little pink color a little red color, very fun for Christmas. So put those in there. Add the rest of my cherries. Again it's about a quarter of a cup of maraschino cherries. Now what I like about this is the cherries add a little bit of a liquid to it. Sometimes shortbread can be very dry. And so adding the cherries gives it a little bit more mixture, a little bit more moisture, able to mix it a little bit better. All right. And I kind of smashed this down. It helps to mix a little bit easier. And what I do need is I will need to get my cookie scoop. I love using these. These are very helpful when making cookies because it gives you uniformity throughout your cookies and you just don't have as many fingers in there. I think that's helpful. And I kind of smash it to the side of the bowl. You can even smash it in there with your hand. And I'm not a perfect cook a lot of times. You've just got to make it work. So I've got three. What I'm going to go ahead and do is I have a little flour here in this cup and I'm going to dip my cup in here, my glass and get flour on the bottom. That will help so it doesn't stick to your cookie and all I'm going to do is press them down. Now typical shortbread. You're going to roll it out, OK, you're going to roll it out and sometimes it sticks to the paper whether it's parchment or wax. I think this is a whole lot easier. You can even dip this in powdered sugar too. But this helps it to not stick but it also gives you that night flat cookie. Cookies can be very forgiving. Right here we go. All right. And I even push in the edges a little bit. Finishes it off. So there you have it. Chocolate chip cherry shortbread. A simple drop cookie. I'm Chef Amee Hoge. Thank you for joining me. For more information you can check me out at my website at


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