What Do Manicurists Use to Take Dry Skin off the Heels?

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Manicurists typically use a foot scrub and a foot exfoliator to take dry skin off the heels. Find out what manicurists use to take dry skin off the heels with help from a licensed nail technician in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, everyone. My name is Joi, licensed nail technician, and I'm going to answer the question for you all, what do manicurists use to take dry skin off the heals? So what I'm going to use today is a bit of foot scrub and a foot exfoliator. So what you want to do, and I usually do this after I've soaked the foot a little bit, is I will take a bit of scrub, okay and this has little granules in to that's going to exfoliate and take the dry skin right off, feels a little bit gritty, but that's what makes it work. So I just take a little bit rub it in my hand add just a bit of water, so that it's not so scratchy and then just gently massage it in. Okay, using a circular motion making sure to get both sides of the heal, rub that in and I'm actually not going to rinse yet, I'm going to take the foot exfoliator, right on top of that scrub and just gently use a back and forth motion. Okay, using those two together is going to make sure that you get rid of that dry skin and makes the heals really, really smooth. And it prepares it for lotion which you would follow up with. Okay, so this is something that you can do maybe once a week should be good enough and will definitely help you get rid of that dry skin and everything will feel nice and smooth. So thank you all for watching. I hope this was really helpful to you. My name is Joi, bye.


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