How to Make Exfoliating Products for Your Scalp

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You can make great exfoliating products for your scalp using a variety of different tools that you may already have access to. Make exfoliating products for your scalp with help from a certified makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Erin Hendley, professional makeup artist, and today I am going to show you how you can make a product to exfoliate your scalp. So there's pretty standard things that involve an exfoliation and that involves something that has maybe micro beads or a little bit of texture to it to uproot any dry skin. And also just the paste that it's going to be mixed into. So we have a medium. We have our good old salt here which is the texture. And we also have the magic medium which is Vaseline. And I put these two together on a palette and what we are going to do is just create them and make them work together. So what we are going to do is go ahead and mix it with the brush. This is an alternative if you don't have something in your budget to go out and buy an exfoliator for your scalp. This is a primary popular item used for the skin as well. So it can be used for the scalp and the hair, and on your skin, on your face. The ratio of sand or salt to the Vaseline should be essentially 50:50. You can add more salt if you have more skin that you think that needs to be exfoliated. So now that we have our paste together what you are going to do is first realize that this can't be something done something that if you don't have a lot of time because the Vaseline is going to obviously produce some oil for your hair. So this is great if you are going to do it before shampooing or rinsing your hair. And you are just going to go to the base of the hair root along with the scalp. And just apply it in strokes. Now if you are doing your whole scalp you are going to have to make a pretty big portion of this. So just take that into consideration. But if it's only a certain area then you are fine. So just leave it in for about 20 minutes, massage your scalp in the process. And then you are going to rinse with warm water. And then go back and rinse with cold water. So it's opening the pores and then closing the pores back up. That's the best way. We want to end it with cold water now just because hot water tends to create that skin that can be a little more scaly and that needs to be uprooted. So always end on cold water. And this is a great paste. I'm Erin Hendley, and I just showed you how to create a paste to remove dry skin from your scalp.


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