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The most effective yoga poses are those that help you accomplish the specific goal that you're trying to achieve. Learn about the most effective yoga poses with help from a health and fitness professional in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Denise Druce, a Registered Yoga Teacher in South Lake City, Utah. Let's talk about some of the most effective Yoga poses. Today, we'll do five Yoga poses that are my absolute favorite. We'll start with cat and cow which is an exercise done on all fours that create strength and flexibility for the spine. So, we'll start with our hands right under our shoulders and our knees right under our hips. And as we inhale, we'll lengthen the spine and as we exhale, we'll pull the belly in and round the spine. And we'll just keep moving with our breath. And that's cat and cow. And then we'll reach our hands forward and drop our hips back coming into child's pose, which is a really great pose for stretching the lower back. It's also a good resting pose during your practice. So, just let your hips come back over your heels and let your head drop down toward your mat and just take a few deep breaths, relaxing into child's pose. And then shifting forward all the way down onto your belly, we'll come into locust pose. So, with locust pose, this is a great way to strengthen the back. We'll reach the arms behind and we'll lift the arms up and pressing the tail bone down, lifting the chest forward. And we'll just breath here, we'll take five to ten deep breaths in locust pose. And then returning to all fours, tucking the toes under, we'll come into downward facing dog. Just lifting the hips to the sky and letting the head reach down. We can pedal the heels and keeping the abdominals in we'll lift up as we root down through the hands. And then softening our knees, let's walk the feet forward coming into a forward fold which is a great way to stretch the whole back of the body. You can bend your knees if you need to, to take the stress out of the back. And then the last pose is chair pose. So, we're going to bring our hands to our thighs and come up to a really straight strong spine. The hands can stay here, come to the heart or reach out in front. You want to put your weight in your heels and again, take five to ten deep breaths in chair pose. So, those are some of my favorite Yoga poses that are really effective. Again, I'm Denise Druce; if you'd like more Yoga or fitness tips, please check out my website.


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