How to Put Cold Wave Rods in Dry Hair

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Putting cold wave rods in dry hair is a lot easier than you probably think it is. Put cold wave rods in dry hair with help from a hair specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Dayana Medina. And I'm Melisse Medina, the Cardona sisters, owner of 3Hair Makeup in Los Angeles. Today, we're going to do a demonstration of how to doing your hair, cold wave rods in dry hair. You will need cold wave rods, because that's what we're going to show to you today. And we will show you how to apply it. And I'm going to be the model because I have model hair, that's why. OK. Let's do that. Section your hair. You have a few options depending on what kind of curl you want, the end result. You can do a basic curl, it's like that. Or you can do more like an espadrille curl. And I will show you both ways how to roll in the rollers. OK. First thing you're going to take a clean section of the hair. Don't take too big a section. How you know how to take the section, you're going to see the diameter of the roller, you're going to place it and that's how big the section will be. Because if you take a thicker section than that, it will just go everywhere and you don't have control of putting the roller on. OK. I measure my section out. I decide this is the amount of section that I want. I put the roller on, this is about dry. You see it's the same diameter. Take the section, some people it's a little bit tricky for them because they say, oh my hair is just slipping all the time when, slipping out when I do it in dry. They prefer to do it wet. But it's really easy. What you're going to do is you go in the end with the roller like that, you're going to wrap it with your hands and then you're going to hold it in the ends and make sure they're really tight, and then you will have a more neater curl and a really tight curl. You put pressure on it and you continue rolling it and rolling and rolling in. And you need to be aware that if the result that you're looking for is to have very tight espadrille waves, this is the way to go. If you want a looser curl then you do like a bigger roller or a thicker longer roller. And in this, the way they apply is more like an espadrille curl. It will create more like a circle. Then after that, you put the roller, you put the whole thing with rollers and spray hair spray and then you will heat it with a blow dry. Hold first all over and then in the end before you take it out you're going to put on cold air, on the hair to save the hair. And the will prevent for the humidity to get in your hair. That is one way to apply a spiral curl. But if you want to do a basic curl, curl and roll it at the same time then you can do it, yes. You will apply it this way. You make sure that you already drag the hair, curl it. Remember because you're working with dry hair, you want to hold the ends, tight, tight, tight. The nice thing of spring rollers with dry hair is that it's going to give you a natural loose effect, than when you work with wet hair. It's already too stiff sometimes. That's it. And you will do the whole thing, spray it. The whole hair, you can section it, how you decide it. Blow dry it. You can do it just in the end if you want to create just like straight and then just curly in the bottom. But the important part is just make sure that all the time you have control of your hair. Because if you don't have control of your hair then the hair, the curl won't be like a perfect bottom. First thing remember, roll it around, hold the hair in place and then roll it up. That was a demonstration for cold wave rods in dry hair. Bye. See you next time.


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