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How often you should dye your hair is going to depend entirely on a few key things. Find out how often to dye hair with help from a hair specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name's Melisse Medina. I'm Dayana Medina and we're the Medina Cardona sisters, owner of 3Hair Makeup, Los Angeles. Today we're going to be talking about hair color and how often you need to retouch. Yeah. The question on everybody's version of hair color is like oh, how many times I need to come at the hair salon, how often and the different kind of hair dyes and how often you need to retouch it or refresh it. Right now in the market you have a lot of choice of color dyes. We recommend to go with the more natural ones. Now you have a lot of those with the new colors that don't have ammonia on it, and they're oil base, all oil base natural hair colors. They don't have ammonia on it and they last about a month, like a normal ammonia color. But the difference is that you don't have the damaging of the ammonia on it. It doesn't smell. It's very mild for your scalp. If you are prone to allergies, these ones are more likely that it's not going to be, give you like an allergic reaction. Anyway you always need to go prior and get to see of it's the right product for you. The no ammonia permanent color, you need to go every four weeks, if you have gray hair or also if it's something really close to your natural color maybe you can go six weeks, six weeks or seven weeks, yeah, if you want to stretch it. The traditional color dye that is the ammonia base color dye, also you need to go every four weeks or six weeks if you are really close to your natural color. Then you can stretch it out. This one is a color gloss. Color gloss are wonderful to just enhance, to enhance your natural color if you think that your tone is a little bit boring or too ashy and you want to add like some golds or reds, for the summer time. Yeah. Exactly. When you go to the beach and your hair, all the sun, it looks like you dye your hair and it's lighter and brassy. This is the answer. You want to use a color gloss to get back the shine and the luster of the hair. Every three months you can do a color gloss on your hair. This is really low maintenance. Three months. It's not going to have demarcation. It's going to fade out when you wash your hair. So it's going to have a very reason for letting your hair grow. But the only problem is it not covering gray. It's just for shine. And it's going to just keep a little bit of the tone in your hair. We also have like the demi all or also the semi permanent colors. The demi is in between the regular color and the color gloss. That's a demi. These ones are a bit stronger. They are going to cover more of the gray or they're going to give like a gloss like a glaze on top. So it's going to create the effect like the gray hair is more like a highlight. So you can fake it better. Yes. And this one you can last six weeks That means if you use a demi you will need to retouch the bottom more often to refresh it, then if you use a regular color dye. Yeah. It's a permanent color. This one every three months you refresh the bottom.This one maybe every month, every time you go for your color service. When you use a demi you probably need to refresh the bottom part of your hair. And then the other one is the demi, the semi permanent. It's just going to sit on top of the shape of the hair. It's not going to penetrate your hair. That means that after six wash, you're going to be like with your natural hair again. So that one is very good like the gloss, to just to enhance your natural color or do add golds, reddish or cancel brassiness in your hair. Yeah. Or if you want to try a shade and you're not sure about it, you want to commit to it, you can go with the semi permanent or demi pemanent and then you have a month to decide oh, I really like this color, I want it. This is the color I want to pursue. Or just change it and say, oh no, I'm mistaken. I don't want to be a red head. Or I don't want to go from blond to dark hair. And you would just eliminate. They use the demi a lot in the movie set because the celebrities are always changing the hair color. And they don't want to damage their hair that much with like a semi permanent color and changing and going back to their preferred tone. So they use semi permanent instead of permanent color for changing the color, for a quick change. These my dear guys is our tips on how often you shall go to the salon and get a retouch. And remember, the blondest and the most different color of your natural hair, the better for us. Bye.


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