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Brigitte Bardot was known for many things, including her easy and fabulous eyeliner looks. Do Brigitte Bardot eyeliner with help from a New York state licensed esthetician and professional makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm New York City based makeup artist Sue Perez, and I'm going to show you how you can get easy, fabulous eyeliner looks. Today I'm going to show you how to achieve that very sexy Brigitte Bardot eye. You'll be starting with your eye shadow base, apply your eye shadow base to your eyelids and you want to work the eye shadow base all the way up to the top of the eyebrow so your entire eye is covered, from lash to brow. Next you're going to use a shimmery eye shadow color. And Vicky has beautiful golden skin tones so I'm going to use a nice gold shade right along the lids of the eyes. And just sweep the eye shadow on the lids and you can see how pretty that looks on the eyelids. Next you're going to use a deeper taupe color in the crease of the eye and first I like to just apply the color and then with another brush I like to blend it out and you just want to take this crease color in the crease and working upward and out. Not all the way up to the brow you can see that there's still some space between the eyebrow, just buff and soften that deeper crease shade. Another good tip is using clean blending brushes in other words the brush that you used to apply the color should not be the same brush that you used to blend the color and that will give you more precision and blending. The next step is taking some eyelashes and I like to trim them, I never like to use the full lash line so cut them in half. Apply a little eyelash glue to your hand or to a flat surface or to a piece of glass and then just dip the edge of your lashes into the eyelash glue. A good tip would be to let it set for a minute in the air before you apply it to the lash line. Looking down apply the outer lashes right against the outer part of the eye and just let them set. The next thing to do to complete the Brigitte Bardot eyeliner is to apply a liner, you can use a pencil right along the lash line. So that the edge of the lashes. from corner to corner. Some people use a liquid liner you can use a liquid, you can use a cream jell, I like to use a pencil it's just faster. And then I take a little bit of black eye shadow and I trace it with a smudge brush and then I lift the corner, the color in the outer corner just a little bit. And then with again a clean smudge brush soften where you lifted the eye shadow in the outer corners. And I like to do what I call spinning the brush where I literally spin the brush in circles. Turn. And that's a really nice way to soften that outer eye shadow color. Open. And there you go Brigitte Bardot eyeliner.


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