How Can I Make My Dark Brown Eyes Lighter?

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You can make your dark brown eyes lighter in a few different ways depending on your preferences. Make your dark brown eyes lighter with help from a 30-year beauty industry veteran in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tracey Brown, I'm a beauty expert, I have about 30 years of industry experience in makeup, skin care and also as a trainer. I'm currently a writer, a beauty journalist, I have a great website,, where you can read more about my tips and advice. We're in My'Amour Salon and Spa in San Leandro and today, our topic is, how to make dark brown eyes look lighter with makeup. I've got my beautiful model, Grazia here, because you see her dark brown eyes. We've already prepped her, she has some makeup done. And we're going to do just a few steps to show you how to make dark brown eyes look lighter with a few steps of makeup. So, the first on her eyes, what I used was, an illuminating product that's kind of an eye primer. So, because it's a brightener and illuminating, that number one, is the first step for making her eyes look brighter. Using a concealer brush, I'm gong to put this all over her eyelid, form the brow bone down to the lash line. And as you can see, immediately the eye area is brightened up,which has an immediate effect of brightening the, your actual eyes as well. I love, this is Veil, it's an illuminating complexion product, you can use under the eye area itself, it's almost a highlighter and a concealer. So, one coat of that gives us a nice base, look straight ahead. So, already you can see the eyes have sort of brighten up. So, for her colors, I chose a cream shadow by Tarte in moss, we're going to use that across the eyelid, from the lash line to the crease, close for me. And what's nice about this moss shadow by Tarte, is that it's creamy, it's an Amazonian clay product, it spreads easily and it lasts for forever. See their nice product, with great coverage. Has a little bit of shimmer to it too, which is nice, because that little bit of glimmer in the product, is what brings light to the eyes as well. It'sup to the crease, open for me, perfect, close one more time, need a little more, thank you. Now, as I mentioned, sometimes you want to use a different color other than black, for your liner. So, for Grazia, I picked out a green liner, which we're going to use instead of black, for her upper lash line. And that too is a Tarte product, love these pencils, they co-emphasize. And rather than using it directly from the tube, I'm going to use a brush, so I can work it into her lash line, and make it look denser. And so that color is closer to her eyes, so we can see that brightness. So, with a liner brush or a smudge brush, just pick the product up, off the end of the pencil and use it like a liner. O.k., done, right, and on her brow bone, just highlight a little bit. So, I picked up a lighter color in the same pencil brand, close for me. And we're just going to take that across the brow, very simple, looks messy, just work it in with your finger, because it is very easy to use. Gives us a nice, luminous finish to the eye, close again. Now, everyone can use these colors, I've used them on every color skin, which is really nice. You can build them up, make them as bright or sheer as you want. And lastly, instead of a dark liner under the eye, I'm going to use a taupe, which is more kind of metallic, shimmery, on the lash line, on the lower lash line. And this is also going to brighten up the eye area. So, the key is remembering, not using really, really dark makeup. You want to brighten up the eyes, so use lighter colors, brighter colors with a dash of shimmer in them. And that's what's going to make your eyes a little bit lighter. So, to summarize how we achieved this look for Grazia, the dark brown eyes to look brighter. We started with an illuminating eye primer, which we put on her entire eyelid. We layered that with a moss green cream eye shadow from Tarte, which is like pretty and light, and slightly shimmery. And then, on the brow bone, we also used a very light pencil, which is creamy, blended it out. So, just as nice, luminous finish there. And rather than using black eyeliner, we used a dark green pencil eyeliner, but applied it with a brush. So, we could work it right to her lash line and get that color close to her eyes, where it makes that light color pop. And last but not least, instead of using a deep liner on the lash line at the bottom, we used a shimmery taupe. And this liner, right along the lash line, opens up her eyes and makes that brown color lighter and brighter. If you have any questions, you'd like to contact me, please do so at Tracey, T, R, A, C, E, Y at (


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