Squeeze Exercises for the Legs

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Certain types of squeeze exercises are great for working out various parts of your legs. Find out about squeeze exercises for the legs with help from an experienced fitness professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Lisa with danceypantsfitness.com here at Anytime Fitness, South Longview, Texas, and today I'm going to show you some different squeeze exercises for the legs or also called pulses. The very first one I'm going to show you we are going to get on our hands and knees. Hands right under the shoulders, belly button is pulled in tight. You are going to pick up your heel. Lift it up to the ceiling and you are going to pulse. Just pulse this about 20 times. The smaller the pulse and the higher you raise it up the harder it's going to be. So about 20 times on each leg. The next one I'm going to just lift my knee to the side and I'm going to pulse this. This is really going to wear out those muscles on the side there. So just be ready for it. Try and do about 20 of those, repeat on the other side. The very next one I'm going to use a stability ball for. Go ahead and put your heels on a stability ball. And you are going to lift your hips up. And this is just called a hip raise. And you are going to squeeze right here. Squeeze the rear end nice and tight. Don't let it come down to the floor to rest. Just squeeze. Okay. And for the last one it's an isometric exercise. Isometric is where the muscles are neither lengthening or shortening. I'm going to put this right here between my knees. You can do this with a ball, a towel, anything just so there's a little bit of resistance there. And you are going to squeeze. And you are just going to hold that squeeze. I'm not even going to give you a count, as long as you can. Pretty much until you can't hold it anymore. And that's another great exercise for these inner thighs as well. So we are targeting lots of different muscles with these different squeezes. So those are several exercises that you can do considered squeeze or pulse exercises for the legs.


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