Compound Dumbbell Exercise

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The compound dumbbell exercise is a great way to get in a good core workout. Learn how to complete the compound dumbbell exercise with help from a respected health and dance minister in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is SwayFit from with two Ts. I'm going to be demonstrating with Penny Reinhardt here some dumbbell exercises that you can do at home. I like this exercise because this way you get to work the core. She has her hips off the ball. Good. This way she is using her stabilizers activating her core. So that is one muscle group we're working. She's working her triceps as well as her chest. Alright this is our second compound exercise that I'll be demonstrating which are double arm rows. This targets the back and the biceps. I like to start here close to the ground as I am just picking up the weights. And from this position I'm going to look up and I'm going to row. Keeping the weights close to my body. This is our third and final compound exercise. I'm actually going to be doing two compound exercises in one. I like this cause it burns a lot of calories and you can get a lot of workout in a short period of time. This is a step up with a bicep curl. And this concludes our segment on compound exercises with dumbbells.


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