How to Correctly Measure to Determine What Size of Jeans You Wear

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Measuring to determine what size of jeans you should buy always requires you to do things in a very precise way. Find out how to correctly measure to determine what size jeans you wear with help from a lifestyle expert and passionate fashionista in this free video clip.

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I'm Kara Miller of and I'm here at Denim Revival. Today, I'm going to be talking about how to correctly measure what size of jeans you are, it's exciting. The first thing you need to do is either try on a load of jeans to decide what rise you like or find that favorite pair of jeans, the one that you love and just find out what the rise would be from the top of the waste band to the crotch seam. Alright, the next thing is it's crucial is you're going to be measuring your waste. Now to do this you got to get a bit wild cause you cannot do this through clothes. It has to be measuring tape to skin and you need to use inches and you need to use a bendy you know it could be plastic like this or you can use a cloth measuring tape. Make sure you have don't ask, you have an eye makeup pen, an eye pencil. You'll find out later why you need it. I'm gonna go about, I'm going about 4 inches from my belly button and then I'm gonna make a mark cause I'm doing this by myself, ideally you'd have someone else helping you. So now I'm gonna go around and I know where that black mark is. Okay, so this is my waste size . Next thing you need to do is your inseam. You go from the crotch seam and you go all the way down to the hem, that is your inseam length. So now you've got all those key measurements and you're in a store and you want to avoid that feeling of having 30 jeans piled up around you and none of them fit. This is what you do to use those measurements. You go to a store this is hanging on the shelf, you take your measuring tape and you measure the waist and so this figure if it's 15 here, 15 inches it's a 30 inch waist. You measure the rise. If it's the rise and fits well with you and you measure so that's from the top of the waist band down to the crotch seam and then you measure from the crotch seam to the hem, that's your inseam. You can actually weed out loads of the duds and make sure you're only going to the changing room with the gems. This has been how to correctly measure yourself for jeans. Thank you for watching.


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