What Muscles Do Lunges Work Out?

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Lunges are great for working out muscles in a few key areas of your body. Find out what muscles lunges will work out when performed correctly with help from a trainer and fitness expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Cari Shoemate, and as a trainer, I get asked a lot about lunges and what muscles they work. Well, lunges actually work all of your leg muscles. They work the quads in the front, your gluts and hamstrings in the back and even a little bit of your calf muscles. But, really it just depends on what type of lunge you're doing, whereas if you're doing a side lunge out to the side, you're going to be working a little bit more inner and outer thighs. And if you're doing walking lunges where you're actually walking through the movement, you're going to be working a little bit more of your glut muscles. And a trainer tip that I have for you when it comes to lunges is to make sure that you warm up first. So, you want to get, do something that really gets the blood flowing in your legs. So, just go for a walk or a jog or do something for about five to ten minutes before you do your lunges. I'm Cari Shoemate and I'll see you next time.


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