Simple Lymph Drainage Exercises for Shoulders

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A few simple lymph drainage exercises focus on the use of your shoulders. Find out about simple lymph drainage exercises that use your shoulders with help from a naturopathic doctor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Dr. Stacy Mobley. I'm a naturopathic physician that believes in blending the best of mainstream and natural therapies to help you transform your health, re-energize your life and renew your mind. Today we are talking about simple lymph draining exercises for your shoulders. Three quick exercises can make a difference in the lymph flow in your shoulders. The first exercise is very simple, sit in a chair like this and just shrug your shoulder up and down, up and down, try to pull your shoulders as close to your ear as possible and repeat this process as much as you like and this really gets the lymph flowing in your shoulder area. The second exercise would be to stretch your arms out like this and rotate. It doesn't matter which way you start rotating, just rotate a couple of times one way, two to three to four times and then stop and rotate the opposite way for about three to four times and you can also do this exercise for as long as you like. The third way and what I think is the most fun way to keep the lymph moving through your system over your whole body is to use the loofah brush. Your brush may or may not have this long stem. You can find this in any health food store. It may just be the sponge portion and that's fine. It works the same. So what you want to do is before taking your shower, take the brush and start at the end. So whether it's your foot or your hand and rub towards your heart. Take the brush and rub it towards your heart. This keeps the lymph moving towards the right way to get it out the body and recirculate. So you're going to do the same thing on the opposite side, rub towards your heart on the opposite side, down to the chest and then you're going to move to your feet and for the same process for your feet, start at your toes and rub towards your heart. So take your feet up your leg, up, up, up towards the heart. After you've completed this process which includes two to three cycles of the dry brushing, you can take your shower as normal. I'm Dr. Stacy Mobley. I believe in treating the whole person using treatment plans that are right for you. To learn more about me and my practice, visit my website, Dr. spelled


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