How to Revive Dry Nail Polish

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Reviving dry nail polish isn't magic - it's something you can do quickly and easily right at home. Revive dry nail polish with help from a licensed manicurist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, everyone. My name is Joi, licensed manicurist, and I want to show you all today how to revive dry nail polish. So, I have a couple of tools that I’m going to be using in addition to my polish. I have a bit of acetone here, which is a nail polish remover. And then, I also have an actual nail polish thinner. So, a couple of things: In order to prevent your nail polish from drying to begin with, you want to make sure that you are closing it up, not leaving the bottle open any longer than needed. If you have already dried out your polish, you can take your nail polish thinner. You don’t have nail polish thinner, you can actually use a bit of your acetone – your nail polish remover. And, you want to take a dropper, and then you want to put just a couple of drops in your bottle. Okay. Doesn’t take much. I’m going to start with three drops in there. Then, I’m going to re-cap it, and then I’m going to shake just to blend. Okay. So, after you do this, you want to actually just test it out on your fingernail. If it’s still a bit thick, then you can go back in and you can add a few more drops and shake it, until it gets to the consistency that you need. Okay. And, when you get done with this, your nail polish should be back to new. So, hopefully this was helpful to everyone. My name is Joi, again, and thank you for watching.


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