How Can I Have a Dewy Look With Only Pressed Powder?

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You can get that much sought-after dewy look using only pressed powder and a few key application techniques. Find out how you can have a dewy look with only pressed powder with help from a professional makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Erin Hendley, Professional Makeup Artist, and today I'm here to answer your question, 'How can I have a dewy look with only pressed powder?" Well, the answer to that is that you can't because powder is what eliminates the shine and dewiness from our skin. So, if we have oils, we resort to the powders. So, if you want to get a dewy look, then you're going to have to go with something that's a little more liquid or a cream because those are the things that resemble the dewiness for skin. And so, what we're going to do is go in with our cream, with our cream right here and it's shimmery base, so it's going to give you that shine in the places that you want to look shiny and dewy. So, you can use a sponge or your fingers or a brush, any of the three will work and we're just going to go in and highlight the areas that we would like to see shine and that's primarily on the cheekbone which is going to give a great highlight. It has tiny pixelations in it and reflective particles that are going to give the skin the dewiness that we want; and a powder does not have that, especially a pressed one. Pressed powders do come with shimmers in it, but it's not going to resemble dewiness, it's just going to have the reflective surface and if you want dewiness, you really need to create more liquid or else the texture isn't going to match up. And like I said before, powders are to eliminate the shine, not create it. And then, right on the brow bone is a nice area as well. Creams come in all different colors for all different skin tones, so keep that in mind as well. There's a, a nice selection out there to get really dewy looking skin. I'm Erin Hendley, and I just answered your question on how I can look dewy without using the pressed powder.


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