Low Back Stretches With Another Person

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Certain lower back stretches are designed to be done with another person for maximum effectiveness. Learn about low back stretches that you can do with another person with help from a certified yoga teacher and healer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Lola from Yoga Lola Studios, and I'm joined here by my partner and co-owner Kevin. Thank you for joining us today. What we'll be doing is demonstrating some lower back stretches for couples. So, we're really going to show you how to open up that lower back. Okay. Our first stretch is an assisted stretch. So, you'll see me assisting Kevin in the stretch. But, at home you'll want to trade off, you want to stretch out as well as being stretched. So, the first thing that I do, Kevin has his feet planted right by, right by my knees. So, what I'm going to do is I'm going to take my hands, I'm going to place them on his knees and I'm going to begin to push off so that he begins to raise those feet off the floor. Then, I'll reach under and I'll grab the ankles and I'll put them up into the hollows of my shoulders. So, that's where his heels are located. I'm going to reach out and grab his knees and then I'm going to slowly start walking in. And as I do, you'll notice that his, that his knees open up a little bit more as I move forward. And then when I'm almost parallel to him, I'm going to start pushing down, just kind of dropping, gently dropping my weight. How are you doing, Kevin? "I'm doing good." Is that good? "This is, yeah, it's really good." Okay. You want to make sure that you check with your partner as you're doing this because you don't want to stretch the lower back too deeply. So, just moving, just moving forward. And how is that Kevin? Is that good? "It's good; that's good." And just hold the stretch, "Right there", for a couple of breaths and then slowly, still holding onto the knees, begin to walk it out and reaching under, grabbing the ankles, slowly release the feet to the floor, bringing them right back to the sides of the knees. That is wonderful way to stretch out the lower back. Alright. Well, we are about to do our second stretch and this one is a partner stretch, so you do it together and so, we'll start with Kevin pushing forward as I relax down over his back and you'll notice that I am sitting on something that leaves me up a little higher because our height is so different. So, you, you'll need to experiment with this at home, but you may need to lift yourself up a little bit if your partner is taller than you are. So, we're back to back, our spines still straight, my chin is tucked in and I'm going to begin to just fall back. I'm just going to go nice and easy, just completely and totally relaxing, just allowing my arms to come out as I stretch out and I really open up my chest through my lower back and my hips. And then Kevin will start to move forward and I'll move up with him as he comes up and then he'll come down across my back as I stretch forward. And then, he comes in back up and we will come to a stop. You can do that stretch just as many times as you're comfortable and if you can't go all the way to the floor, don't worry about it; just go to your limit, your range of flexibility and it will help that low back incredibly. Thank you for joining us for these two stretches for the lower back. We've enjoyed being here and doing this with you. So, hope to see you next time. Sadhana!


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