Average Exercises for the Upper Back

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Just because an exercise is average doesn't mean it isn't effective. Learn about average exercises for the upper back with help from a certified yoga teacher and healer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Lola from Yoga Lola Studios, and I'm here today to take you through three very simple and gentle exercises that are kind of average exercises for the upper back. With the first one you want to make sure that you roll your shoulders down so that the shoulder blades are flat in the back. Then you are going to bring your hands up. You are going to place your palms together. Then you are going to bring the elbows up and you are going to bring the forearms out until they are parallel with the floor. The fingers are pointing straight up. You are going to inhale. And on the exhale you are going to begin to press those hands together. Really pushing through, you'll feel a lot of stress along the upper back and the shoulder blades. Along the front part of the chest band. And release. Inhale, exhale. And push really push into those palms. Oh you'll get such a nice stretch. Enjoy this one it feels wonderful. And release. Now one final time inhale, exhale. And just press through it. And then just releasing your elbows down allow your hands to come resting on your lap. The next exercise we are going to do is called shoulder shrugs. And so for this one go ahead and turn your hands over on your knees. Roll those shoulder blades back. Make sure that you've got your spine nice and straight so tuck the pelvis under. Bring the chin in you don't want to throw the head back on this. You want to bring the chin in and center it between the bump of the neck. So on the inhale you are going to raise the shoulders up like you are trying to bring them up to the ears. And on the exhale you are just going to let them drop down. Inhaling up, exhale. And again inhaling up, nice and deep really stretching, stretching, stretching. And exhale. And just relax. Alright and the last exercise we're going to do is called shoulder rolls. So with this one lets start by rolling both shoulders back nice and deep until we get back down and the elbows drop towards the floor, and the shoulder blades are flat in the back. And inhaling rolling it down. Pressing those elbows down. One more time, inhaling. Just feel how relaxing that is. And then just dropping down. Alright we are going to reverse the circle and go in the opposite direction. So now here we go again. Inhaling up rolling it forward, dropping it down. Inhaling up, rolling it forward, dropping it down. And last time, inhaling up. Rolling it forward and dropping it down. Alright it should feel nice and relaxed along that upper band of the back and through the whole front shoulder area. So thank you for joining us here today. And we well see you next time. Sadhana.


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