A Top Tri & Chest Workout

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A top tri and chest workout uses a few different sequences, like the flat dumbbell press. Find out about a great top tri and chest workout with help from a certified sports nutritionist and personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Sandra Blackie and my business is Freedom to Fitness here in San Diego. Today I'm going to show you one of my top chest and triceps workouts. The first exercise in this sequence is called flat dumbbell press. So lying flat on the bench, elbows extended. I'm extending at the top, opening in the bottom. And throughout the whole exercise the ears are over the shoulders. The chest is up and the stomach is tight. So not only is this a chest exercise but the shoulders and triceps are involved as well. Exercise number two is a push up on a bench. Sometimes when we do a push up on the floor especially beginners or women, we don't have the upper body strength. So by being on the bench you can actually do a very nice push up. The third exercise will be for the triceps. Again on the flat bench. Arms extended above the head. Inhale, extend the elbows a the top. Extend at the top, elbow flexion at the bottom. So this is an exercise to develop the back of the upper arm called the tricep. So this chest and tricep workout that I just showed you is on of my all time favorites.


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