How to Apply Mad Hatter Makeup

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The Mad Hatter is a character made famous in the classic story "Alice in Wonderland." Apply Mad Hatter makeup with help from a professional makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Erin Hendley, Professional Makeup Artist, and today I'm going to show you how to do Mad Hatter makeup. So, when we think of the mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, he has a pretty elaborate makeup going on. So, the key fundamentals to those if we're going to try to do this at home is jut to know that we're going to have to be doing a white base and a lot of purplish contouring. Those are the two main things that we're going to focus on for our simple Mad Hatter look. So, we are just going in with some of our Ben Nye and making that face white. It's a powdery shade white, so we don't have to go in and make it a complete clown application. You can show a little bit of a skin appearing through. And depending on what your costume lands, taking into consideration the necklines and make sure to get around and on the eyes, using a sponge is probably the best way to apply it. I like to matte out the lips because I think he had a little bit of the orange color with purple on it. So, it's always good to base that out. And we're just doing the same thing to the other side of the face as we did to the first side. So, once we have on our white base, we can start to contour and just get those purple features carved in that the Mad Hatter has. For that, I like to take a brush and this is just a purple color on one of the other Ben Nye wheels and we are just chiseling in certain areas, just giving in that effect that the Mad Hatter has. And you can tap anything in that you need blended with your finger. And his jawbones were quite accentuated, quite theatrical, almost corpse like. I'm just going to go in like this. And of course, he had some purple around the eyes too. If you want to get a little more elaborate and more exact to the costume, swipe some orange lashes on as well as some orange lipstick and you'll have a full out Mad Hatter. And you can also powder this for a longer lasting application, so it doesn't look as shiny. I'm Erin Hendley, and I just showed you how to do Mad Hatter makeup.


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