How to Prevent Matted Ends When Flat Ironing Hair

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Using a flat iron doesn't always mean that you're going to get matted ends in your hair. Find out how to prevent matted ends when flat ironing with help from a professional and experienced hairstylist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michelle Simone, and I'm a hairstylist, and today we're going to show you how to prevent getting matted ends when you flatiron your hair. So the first things first, the best way to protect your hair and to keep the ends from getting fried or matted is to use a heat protectant spray. I have this one from Got2Be because it smells really good but you can use any heat protecting spray that you have and just spray it over your hair, make sure you get the undersides. You just want a light mist all over and then comb that through to make sure you've got all of your hair in it. You want everything nice and even and then the second trick with flat ironing your hair is to use a really fine toothed comb because the key is to have tension when you are straightening the hair. You want to take a nice small section. I like to take about an inch to two inch sections and then with your comb, start at the top, make sure it's nice and taut and then take your flatiron right behind the comb and you're going to move the two down the hair together. When you get to the ends, you want to quickly move through the ends and then go through it with the comb and you keep going through it like that, comb and then straighten, comb and then straighten. This way you are not staying on the hair for too long which will prevent it from getting too fried and you are keeping it nice and smooth with the comb. And so it's also a good way to get a nice curve at the bottom so it frames the face really nicely and then you're just going to go through the rest of your hair the same way, comb and straighten, comb and straighten and this should keep your hair from getting matted at the ends. So I'm Michelle Simone and we just showed you how to use a flatiron without getting your ends matted and frayed.


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