How to Use Hot Rollers in Short Hair

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Using hot rollers in short hair always requires you to keep a few important hair tips in mind. Use hot rollers in short hair with help from a professional and experienced hairstylist in this free video clip.

Part of the Video Series: Shoulder-Length & Short Hairstyles
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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michelle Simone and I'm a Hairstylist. And today, I'm going to show you how to use hot rollers in short hair. So, the first thing to know is you're going to want to use the smaller types of hot rollers. Sometimes if you have a kit that's like this one, you probably won't be able to use the larger, the jumbo rollers and we're going to stick for this, stick with this medium sized smaller rollers. So, once they've heated up, you're going to start sectioning off your hair starting at the top. It will be okay if some of your shorter layers underneath don't get into curlers because they're going to be covered over by the top sections. So, make sure that each section is not any wider or larger than your hot roller and that way you can make sure that all of your hair stays in, stays in place. So, I'm sectioning it off and just comb it out. If you want, you can spray your hair with hairspray to give it a longer hold or you don't have to if you want it to be kind of softer, a little more natural. So, take your roller and smooth it up along your hair, holding onto the front; this way, you won't lose any of the layered pieces. I'm going to take the end, roll it over and then just roll it up as tight as you can, making sure there's tension to the top. Now, you can either secure the roller with the clips they give you or sometimes I like to use a claw clip or bobby pins with the shorter hair just to make sure that it all stays in, stays in place. So, we're just clipping it here and securing it with some pins. This way, it will stay, all stay in place until it's cooled. So, we're going to do this down the center of her head, and then, we're going to start moving down the sides. So, I'm going to take the next section, again making sure that it's small enough to fit into the roller. Comb it up and then grab your next roller. The further you pull your hair forward when you put it into the roller, the more volume you're going to get. So, wrap around the edge, ends around the edge and then just roll it up as tight as you can. And then same as before, you're going to pin it in place. Make sure you don't burn yourself, these can get quite hot. So, after this, you're just going to continue through the hair the same exact way, taking section by section, rolling it up and then, stop towards the bottom when you, your hair gets too short to fit all the way around the curler. Once it's all set, you leave it in until it's cool; you can just touch it and make sure and then you take out the pins and carefully roll it out so you get that nice curl and a little more volume to your hair. And then, you can style it however you like. So, I'm Michelle Simone and we just showed you how to use hot rollers in short hair.


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