What Colors Look Good on Pale-Peachy Skin Tones?

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You need to take your skin tone into consideration when picking out makeup colors to wear. Find out what colors look good on pale-peachy skin with help from a makeup professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, everyone. My name is Joi, freelance makeup artist, and I want to answer the question for you all, what colors look good on pale, peachy skin tones? So, today, I'm just going to be using a bit of blush and I'm going to be applying it with the fan brush. So, to answer the question, if you have sort of a more pale or peachy skin tone. You can actually get away with using soft blush colors, like pinks, any colors that are not going to make your face look too overdone. So, just to show you here, I'm going to do a soft pink blush here. And if you're nervous about over-applying, because your skin is a bit on the paler side. Use your fan brush and you just take light strokes, and that's going to give a very soft application. And with this brush, you can actually build, do you've got a little bit here. If you want more coverage, if you want your cheeks to look a little bit more rosy, you just add more layers. And as you can see, the brush sort of builds, builds the color on. O.k., and as always, you want to make sure that you're blending the color out. So, you can take the brush, dust off any excess that you might have on there, and just sort of soften the edges. You can blend inward, in towards the color, so that you're not spreading it outwards, backwards, and you can take it up. Just to kind of soften those edges and give it more of a natural effect. And that'll add a nice, soft blush effect to a paler skin tone. So, thank you all for watching and again, my name is Joi, have a good day.


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